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How to turn your dreams to reality with coconut water and sea salt

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Today's article is very interesting where I want to show you an easily way on how to manifest your dreams into real life with the help of coconut water and sea salt.

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Now let's start:

Now, many people has loose hope despite the deceitful of some spiritual rituals, due to that many people don't believe it does exist.

The fact is spirituality does not fail but rather works according to your spirit believe me.

Coconut water is very good source for the for maintaining the health.

Coconut has so many benefit but to mention few.

Now let's look at some benefit of using coconut water and sea salt:

1. It helps cleanse the heart

2. It helps get rid of any temptation

3. It also attract favour

4. It helps create opportunities

5. Also helps manifest dreams in real life.

These are some of the benefits when using coconut water and sea salt.

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Now, these are the procedures:

1. First get a dried coconut and pour the water into basin.

2. Add a crystalized sea salt and stir it completely.

3. Add small Florida spiritual water into it and pray over the mixture

4. Apply the mixture on your face once you have a dream.

Note: Do it continuously for 7 days.

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