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Is it good for an ordained Bishop to do this in church see what a Bishop did to a lady in church.

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We thank God for his Grace and Mercies he has showered on us,it is not by might not by power but by his Grace and Mercies that has showered on us to this extent,there is nothing that can be said to him than to thank and Praise his holy name.God is Good all the time and all the time,God is Good.

Some prophet and Pastors are using the word of God contrary to the norms and ethics of the Bible.according to some pastors,the word of God is used any how,instead of them to proclaim the word of God to win more souls for Christ,they will usually devote that hours to do business in their churches by selling oil,handkerchief,money and others.Some pastors even take it upon themselves to trim the hair of women private parts claiming it is a direction from God.Some pastors and Prophet are rich all because of their attitude some of them put across in their church service.I am emphatically here,not all pastors behave that way,others are proclaiming the word of God to win more souls for Christ but others are using it for business.Please follow this article,as I show case the images of what a bishop did to some ladies in her church,these images are shown underneath.

Looking at the images aforementioned it really States that some pastors are using the word of God any how and the way the want it.How can a bishop lye on somebody claiming that he is treating her from her sickness.If you are to cast your mind to the Bible there are some directions some pastors are doing in our generation that goes contrary to what Jesus Christ did.Beloved in Christ,let us all be vigilant and observant to take care of ourselves in order to desist ourselves from certain things.My question is,is it good for an ordained pastor to do this in his church?Please send your comments,likes and share this article.Thanks for reading this article.

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