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Know All About Bokyerewa.The Most Powerful Traditional Shrine In Ghana.

Ghana is blessed to have three main religious sects.The Christian, Moslem and Traditional Religions.

In the Ancient Bono Region of Techiman is the most powerful Takyiman Bokyerewa shrine. It takes its source from the great Tano river. It is believed that this deity can kill bad peoples in seconds or takes revenge on behalf of complainants.

When one is in need of the help of this deity, you will need an egg from a home fowl. Foreign poultry eggs doesn't work due to the anger the deity has over white people taking her descendants into the white man's land.

It is believed that once you get an egg, you invoke the spirits by calling out their names. Then you petition them on the reason why you are calling them. If its for blessing and guidance, you smash three eggs on the floor and its done.

If its about reporting of missing items,you will need one egg and the person who stole your things will have his or her stomach swollen like a balloon in seconds.

One thing you should know is gratitude, If the deity helps you to catch your thief or protect you, you must visit it with Ram, eggs and schnapps to say Thank you. Failure to do this will see your stomach swollen just like how it was done to your victim.

The deity is catered for by an individual known as Okomfo. The duty of the Okomfo is to receive visitors, invoke the spirits and worship it on behalf of humanity. Just like an Imam for the Muslims and Pastor for the Churches, the Okomfo perform all the necessary rites for the deity known in Akan as Obosom.

Having great links or ties with the great Tank river, Takyiman Bokyerewa shrine has some spiritual children he gives out for free to barren women who comes to her for fruit of the womb. These children live under the great Tano river.

Let's move from spirituality a bit.Do you remember in the news when a tanker that fell in the Tano river spilling poison and killing some of its fishes ? Yes.The driver was made to buy 65 coffins to bury each and every fish that died as a result of his carelessness. Those fishes are the supposed children of the great Takyiman Bokyerewa shrine with the river Tano. And those acquatic animals are treated like human beings.

The next time you visit the Bono region, don't forget to visit the Takyiman Bokyerewa shrine for fortification or relaxation. You will love idol worship than any other religion

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