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Ask and it shall be given, Is it true everyone that ask receives

Christianity has now become mockery religion and almost those who have no knowledge at all or little are gradually perishing

Those acclaimed christians have a very shallow knowledge about their God . Those who have an indebt knowledge have also stopped creating awareness of who really God is and the knowledge about him.

So who is SAFE here now ?? The one without or the one with but shallow or the one who has but do not share. No wonder Bible has said he will start his judgment in his own HOUSE(where Christiana dwell ) why not outside his house??

Bible put it this way in HOSEA 4:6 that lack of knowledge my people are perish and CONTINUES to say that because he God has rejected them as his PRIESTHOOD according to 1 pet 2:9 and also has rejected thier CHILDREN why because they do not have knowledge of him(God)... THAT SOUND very scary

For one to have little or no knowledge about God could be become an enemy of God and their children too.

Waoo, could that mean that so long as they continue to have little or no knowkdege at all about God its also possible that their prayers will not be answered ????

Ask your pastor or your teacher and give me feed back next time. Let me see your comment.

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