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The End Time is near Don't joke with this message

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It is appointed for man to die and after death judgement, is this a fallacy or true as written by the Holy Bible?

Is the End Time near or Jesus Christ of Nazareth, born, killed and resurrected on the third day coming again?

I bring you the message about the End Time and to guide you and remind you that the Messiah will come again

Nations will rise against Nations is a sign of the end time. It was stated categorically in the Bible. What do we see today, Powerful Nations rising against another. This should clearly tell you the end time is near.

There will be many false prophets who will rise and deceive many for their love of money. Let's take our own country ,Ghana into consideration and advise ourselves for the devil is at work. Never let any of these prophets lead you into temptation.

Lawlessness will abound and the love of many will grow cold. Recent happenings in some part of the world and our country as well indicates the love that existed previously have varnish. The love for money and wealth has taken over humans and this has led to more killings by the youth for the love of money.

Gay and lesbianism is now becoming the new trend in our society. Let's remind ourselves that our God we serve is a very wicked God and can vent his anger on you at anytime. Let's change for the coming of the Lord is near.

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