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Your statement On LGBTQ Is Completely Irrational- Ghanaians To Father Campbell

The LGBTQ brouhaha trending in the country and outside the country is not a good thing for Ghanaians. Catholic priest, father Campbell have stated that LGBTQ people were created by God and God hate their sins but people should not hate them. His message sent across has made a lot of people to disagree with him and stated that his statement is completely irrational.

When the news popped up, political activist kwame Asare Obeing A-Plus shared the news on his social media wall and asked Ghanaians to discuss what the Catholic priest said.

"That's completely irrational, what's the purpose for setting up a church?. Punishment is meant for the reformation of the sinner and sin is not forgiven until the sinner repents. It is the duty of society and religious groups to clearly let people know if they're doing something wrong. You don't sit down and watch your child engulf himself in bad practices and just say "I hate your sin but I love you". That's nonsense! Rebuke your child, if necessary punish him and do your best to stop him from repeating the sin. C'mon! dude" someone discuss.

"That’s actually our views and we must make laws to disallow them into their sinful act.

For example, When Kwame A plus disassociated himself from Nana Addo and his government, he didn’t hate them he hated their act of corruption. Simple" another Ghanaian stated.

"Exactly what we are doing. We don't like what they are forcing us to accept. They should do whatever they want it is no ones business but when you are forcing something on someone they equally have the right to reject it" another Ghanaian reacted.

"Love the sinner who admits his sins and submits to the will of God through confession and repentance. But not to love a sinner who is so proud of his sins that he has reasons to defend his sins. There's no clause anywhere in the Bible that says, "Love a sinner who takes pride in their sin and deviant to repentance". Gone are the days when man could not read between the lines and depended on the clergy to read and interpret" another person fumes.

In a clear statement from Ghanaians they are not ready to love any sinner who is proud of his sin and created by God.

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