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Why you always need to pray seriously as a young person. Pray this prayer always.

In today's world, there's so much wayward lifestyles on social media platforms that many youths are becoming very corrupt; morality is sinking in the mud! People are now doing everything possible for just likes and comments on social media.

There are young ladies who spew morally unacceptable speeches all in the name of being noticed by the public. In today's society, people are flaunting their acquired assets on social media, just to give the youths unnecessary pressure here and there.

Most of the time, many young people think they're failing in life because they cannot also afford the latest smartphones and clothes. The world is now about sex, sex, smartphones, cars and other vain stuffs. Well, it is only good to have those things when you have the means to acquire them.

But you can't run your feet against stones in the name of societal pressure. As a young person who is cutting a future for himself or herself, you need to pray to God always. God, the creator of all things, will make you incorruptible in this lawless system of things.

God will direct your paths to know how to live a godly life devoid of immortality and unnecessary love for material things. Your time will come to also enjoy the good things life has to offer. Pray to God to help you secure a future for yourself. That's one of the greatest prayers any reasonable youth can say.

There are young people who are engaging in internet frauds and occultism just to be able to acquire the flashy things displayed on social media. With God, you will never succumb to such unnecessary pressures from people.

There are young ladies who have resolved to sell their bodies to men in exchange of smartphones! This is because they want to rub shoulders with their colleagues. Sometimes, those who these wayward ladies are copying, are working genuinely to acquire such stuffs. But because those wayward ladies want to belong to that particular class by hook or crook, selling their bodies become a choice.

Seek God for direction. As you go about your life activities legitimately, pray to God to bless your hustle. That is the only way you can ever live a meaningful life on this earth. You will reap what you sow.

If you go about defrauding people, you will not live long enough to enjoy the stolen money. As a young lady, there's nothing honorable in giving yourself out for iPhones.

You will regret in the future. Let God be the pivot around which your life revolves

Content created and supplied by: GodwinGakor (via Opera News )


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