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7 Important Words Of Advise To Today's Pastors Whose Activities Are Not Different From Politicians

It appears that most church members and other leaders are convincingly coming to the conclusion that, Pastors are not different from some politicians with respect to their love for money.

Members and church leaders have countless encounters and experiences with some Pastors on this matter especially in cases where such monies directly benefit the Pastor. For many, the sample size is such that, the conclusion can be generalized. Gradually, most paators are losing the honour and dignity that comes with the office.

Therefore, the below are seven important words of advice to today's pasted whose activities are not different from 'politicians' with respect to money;

1. Avoid teaching manipulative doctrines that send signals of greed and personal aggrandisement. Stop teaching members and officers to bring you their first salary for the year in the name of first fruit. When they teach on Tithe and offerings, let them not threaten people with curses but with love

2. Stop making demands from members on your birthday celebration. Don't make it look like those who don't bring you a gift on your birthday are disloyal and do not respect your anointing. All these birthday fundraising and other related things contribute to the notion that, is fast gaining grounds in the minds of congregants.

3. Dear senior Minister, being a mentor and spiritual father does not mean that your mentees or spiritual sons owe you huge sums of money. Sometimes the mentees and spiritual sons may even have heavier financial responsibilities than the mentor.

4. Don't only visit but befriend with the rich and wealthy in the congregation because Jesus died for all.

5. Let us learn to reject some monies. Some others ought to be refunded. Put together a Finance and Administrative machinery to help with managing church funds and Keep personal financial dealings separate from church stuff.

6. Appreciation of the man of God should be done willingly without any form of compulsion, threat or manipulation. During such times, the Man of God should distance himself from arrangements and allow the committees to work.

7. When raising offerings, let us be very plain and simple on the purpose of the offering. Over-spiritualization of offerings with visions and promises of overnight miracles should be toned down. I believe the Holy spirit leads in such ways but that should not be the norm. If you need chairs, just tell them that you are raising funds to buy chairs. Be sure to use the funds for the intended purpose.

What other advise can you add to the above ones?

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