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Rev. Ashimolowo Raises Seed For Increase and 24hr Miracles, At Greater Works Conference For $340.

As part of the on-going Greater Works Conference 2022, hosted by the renowned Dr. Mensa Otabil and his ICGC church at its newest mega auditorium at ICGC Christ Temple East Temple, Teshie, congregants have been inspired to give generously.

Whereas it is seemingly a part of such programming to raise funds, to help partly support the huge budgets associated with such events, funds are asked for, to generally also boast the faith of generosity of the congregants.

So it came as no surprise, when Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo had preached a powerful word on “stepping into your significance,” he asked the congregants to sow some financial seeds.

According to him, he wanted to raise two funds from the thousands of congregants, as he was led by God’s Spirit and the first was related to what he called, sowing seeds for exponential increase and according to him, congregants interested in this blessing were to sow US $100.

Interestingly, there was another, and that cost as much as US $240, which he shared its Cedi equivalent as around ¢1,800. According to the tag of his for this seed sowing, he called it a 24hour turn-around miracle.

He was emphatic that, though this amount may seem high, this was for some people hearing him, who must take this bold step of faith, to see the hand of God, turn things around for them in their life and in this year.

As part of inspiring them on to sow this seed, he shared an incredible story of how a young man, who had immigrated to the UK from Zambia, and had been a Taxi Driver, took a bold decision to travel back to Zambia and after many years of toiling, still shouldn’t find his feet.

‘This unnamed man, decided to sell his only car he had bought whiles he was in Zambia and to travel back to UK and live there forever with his wife again but chanced on a program, he Pastor Matthew was preaching.

Fast forward, this man sowed the entire monies he got from the sale of his car into the program and went home cash strapped again. Pastor Matthew shares again of hos, this man fast forward, saw miracles upon miracles and eventually, bought an entire 30miles by 30miles farm, owned by a USA based ministry for as low as $2million, as opposed to their offer of $10million.

Thousands were seen giving, as the hug screen, shared the various giving options to the congregants. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo continues ministering tomorrow morning and evening and many are geared up to participate and be blessed by his awesome gift as a preacher of the gospel.

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