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The power of the holy spirit.

Greetings, dear nation, in the name of Jesus Christ. Reflecting upon Romans 15:19, we find Paul emphasizing the indispensable role of the Spirit of God in fully proclaiming the gospel of Christ. He attests that without the power of the Spirit, the gospel remains only partially preached. Sadly, in our present season, we witness an incomplete proclamation of the gospel due to our neglect of the Spirit's power. Consequently, we are unable to witness the awe-inspiring signs and wonders that accompany the gospel. The life of the Apostle Paul exemplifies how the power of the Spirit produces mighty signs and wonders.

It is disheartening to observe many Christians compromising their faith by seeking solutions and healing from witchdoctors when they encounter sicknesses and diseases. This occurs because the power we claim to possess lacks substance. In contemporary times, pulpits are filled with eloquent words, but the demonstrations of faith are scarce. When the Spirit of God operates, there must be tangible signs and wonders. Regrettably, we often speak of God's goodness, yet fail to manifest it in our lives as believers. We speak of His power, but it remains unseen. Therefore, my prayer is for the Lord to restore the power of the Spirit of God in these last days, so that unmistakable signs and wonders may be evident.

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