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I Am The Only Child, I Need My Mommy - Young Lady Begs For Prayers For Her Mother Because Of This

Kindly do your best to also extend your prayer of help to young lady Danny Mays.

Mother's are just the lifeline of many young people in the world due to their bond of love and connection with their young one's.

Loosing a mother can be attested that is more painful and dreadful and can live with you the rest of your life more than that of a father. It takes only few cases to see a genuine connectivity of a person with their father's.

Social media is currently buzzing and trending over a picture of a young lady and his dying mother lying in a sick bed in an intensive Care unit with no hope of life in her. 

Danny Mays have found herself in such situation as a young lady who has grown to love her mother and nobody else. Loosing her will have a strong void in her life forever.

She openly took to social media [Facebook] using her timeline to demand for prayers for her dying mother. 

Her post is Soo emotional so much so that, Christian's all.over the world has tropped onto her wall to extend their respective prayers for her mother.

The prayers across the globe for her mother is soo emotional so much so that, it carries a strong sense of aura of divine healing from God.

Kindly take a look at the prayers and from few persons across the globe. 

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Christian Danny Mays I Am The Only Child


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