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Are They Really The Same ?

Just like the United States Of America, God has blessed Ghana with the stability of choosing between two ruling parties in every cycle of ordained change for the better. For years certain problems have remained the same and unresolved even though there has been a change in terms of rulership and positions of earthly authority and power. A typical example is the health system, the electric energy crisis, and the water crisis. This has led a lot of people to conclude that both ruling parties are the same

But it's not true.They are not the same in any way. One ruling party can be akin to the typical Ghanaian and his or her attitude and the other ruling party can be akin to the typical Nigerian and his or her attitude. The typical attitude of a Nigerian everywhere is someone who is very blunt in most cases. For example, when you give a typical Nigerian a contract and he wants to reward you, he will ask you how much you think you deserve for the contract you are awarding him, then he will add that amount including his profit to the whole contract amount. In other words, if he is a bad person, he knows and you know that if you give him the chance he will take advantage of you and he does not pretend about it. But with a typical Ghanaian, he will look you in the eyes, smiled with you, and pretend he is a saint and yet pierced you with a sword straight out of the devil's goldsmith shop

There is one ruling party that knows how to commercialize both good and bad things for economic gains to a larger portion of society whilst the other ruling party is specialize in commercializing both good and bad for only a select few.

Nigeria and Ghana cannot be the same

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