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Before Bedtime: Say These Powerful Midnight Prayer Points


 *Bible Reference:* 

Hebrews 9:10, Isaiah 60:3.

1. Father thank you for loading me with daily benefits, thank you for the food, water, shelter and all round provisions upon me and my household. Thank you Jesus.

2. Father anything that wants to kill my prayer life, tonight let it be destroyed in Jesus Name.

3. Father, help me to regain stamina to pray tonight, give me strength and the zeal to always stay in the place of prayer in Jesus Name.

4. Father in the Name of Jesus, let the blood of Jesus wage war against spirit of delay in my life and family in Jesus Name.

5. Father destroy every circle of delay in my life, anything that delays people from reaching their goal, tonight I come against you by the blood of Jesus.

6. Father every evil pronunciation waging war against my glorious destiny, tonight such pronunciation be swiped off by the blood of Jesus.

7. Father swipe off everything that is constituting delay and stagnation in my life in Jesus Name.

8. Father let your presence dislodge every negative activities in my life in Jesus name.

9. Father in the Name of Jesus, any strong pursuers of my life and destiny hindering me from getting to my place of breakthrough, let fire fall on them tonight in Jesus Name.

10. Father in your mighty power, let every bondage troubling my life be cancelled tonight in Jesus Name.

11. In the Name of Jesus, any bondage attached to my bloodline, I break free from you in Jesus mighty Name.

12. In the Name of Jesus, every inherited delay, stagnation, bondage and limitations in my life, let their end come tonight in Jesus Name.

13. Father in the Name of Jesus, anything that wants to cut short my glorious destiny, let them be aborted by the blood of Jesus.

14. Father in the Name of Jesus, let every reoccurring problems in my life and family expire tonight in Jesus Name.

15. Father you're the helper of the helpless, please stand up and help me in Jesus Name.

16. In the Name of Jesus, I decree that nations shall come to my light and kings to the brightness of my rising in Jesus Name.

17. Father enlarge my coasts, let the borders of my blessings be enlarged in Jesus Name.

18. Father let your abounding blessings of good health, favour, supernatural breakthrough be my portion in Jesus Name.

19. Father help me to love righteousness and make me to hate sin in Jesus name.

20. Cause thy light oh Lord to shine upon my path in Jesus name.

21. Your personal prayer points

22. Thank God for answering your prayers

Please keep sharing the midnight prayers to bless others. God bless you

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