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End Time: Pastor Canning Church Members With Anointing Belt As Directed By God Goes Viral

This current world we live now looks quite strange to us comparing it to the previous ones. Each and everyday there is a new thing trending on the internet in which most looks very annoying and unthinkable. Pastors of now a days are really tarnishing the name of God and inventing their own way of leading their churches. The introduction of many churches is the root of all these calamities.

An unknown pastor has been trending massively on the internet after a video of him beating his church members with a suppose anointing belt breaks into the internet. In the video, the pastor was seen flogging the church members whiles they lays their self on the ground of the church premises. According the so called pastor, he said the direction was from God and the Holy spirit. The holy spirit directed him to do this in order to cleanse their sins. The video have attracted many reactions on the internet in which most of them is direct attack to the pastor.

Pastor <a class=Canning Church Members With &quot;Annointing Belt&quot; As Directed By The Holy Spirit Goes Viral (Video)"/>

The question is "Will you allow yourself to be treated so?"

This is the link leading to the video;

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