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Dreaming About Clothes In Your Dream, Means What?

The Bible recognize cloth as garment. Garment is a deep reflection of someone else identity, reputation and home-front. If you see yourself wearing new clothes in the dream, it signifies blessings, divine favour and change of status. If the clothes are white, then it means peace and purity in spirit. When it comes to storing blessings in mantle, clothing material cannot be put aside.

If you dream of a man of God giving you a cloth as a gift, it represents the symbol of healing and stand as a means of a provoking miracle garment. If in the dream your cloth is torn, that may symbolize that the attack of shame and disgrace coming soon.

If a person torn it or stain it, then it could also mean that someone is trying to tarnish your image or reputation. This kind of dream may warn you to stay off completely from someone who does not in support of your plans. If you dream of washing your clothes, whether in a river or elsewhere, then it symbolizes eliminating spiritual problems associated with the cloth types. It may also mean that you are making a full time cleansing from indecent dressing.

However, if you discover in your dream you bought some tight clothes , then it means you will feel uncomfortable in the spirit. This can bring your destiny door to a closed; May that not be your portion in Jesus name. To wear a dirty cloth in your dream, it indicate you are irresponsible, lazy and unhealthy person. It can also bring rejection and setbacks to you.

If you dream of wearing black cloth, it shows you are wearing a polluted garment manufactured by the serpent. This type of clothing material can make things so difficult for you and causes you to experience delay and promise and fail. Some clothes can contributes to incomplete deliverance. Please get rid of bad ones. Pray and fast for 3 days from 6am to 3pm using Zechariah 3:3, Deut 22:5, Gen 35:2. Ask God for mercies and forgiveness.

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