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Deliverance Session Turns ”Atopa” As Woman Grabs Man At Prayer Camp And Does The Unthinkable

Things are really happening in this era of ours as there are even certain things that we see and tend to be surprised at their occurrence.

During church services, there are a lot of activities that may take place which includes sharing of the word of God, singing and dancing, worship sessions and Deliverance session in some spiritual churches.

Mostly, because of how the individuals who are set free from spiritual bondages act during the Deliverance hours, most of the churches and prayer camps set aside strong men and women to control them so that they don't fall or hit their bodies somewhere and get hurt.

In the case of prayer camps and some others churches, a time is set aside so that the members go to the mountains reserved for such purposes to go and fast alongside tireless prayers so as to strengthen themselves spiritually and to pray for their individual heart desires.

You might seem to amaze at the content of a video that has surfaced online from a Deliverance session that seem to have take place at an open environment.

In the video, you would realise that a woman was seen standing a bit far from the man of God in a white overall who was assumed to be delivering her from some kind of spiritual bondage.

The very moment the holy water was sprinkled on this woman, she began to run uncontrollably and finally landed on one of the church male members and began to bounce on him.

From the way she was running, you would see most of the church members were trying to pay way for her before she finally landed on this innocent man.

From her behaviour, most people are of the view that the spirit which was being casted out was an 'atopa' spirit. This made it look as if the church grounds had become an 'atopa' grounds for the evil spirit.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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