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Bed Time Prayer: Dear God Save Us From The Angel Of Death..

Good evening followers of the Almighty God, Glory to God for he has shown us his mercies and grace in our going today and coming bless be his holy name.....therefore since is almost bed time I want you to pray this prayer. after me before you sleep, for in everything, is good to begin and end with God

Dear Lord Jesus savior of the world and the creator of everything in them, Almighty, the king of Kings, the Lord of Lord, Father of all nations, I say blessed be your name. For if had not being for you Lord who is always by my side the enemy would have swallowed me, but brought us back safely ...Glory be your name.

Thank you Father for your grace and mercies that you've shown upon me and my family. Lord as I sleep guide me and protect us from the enemy. As I  sleep with you Lord today let the angel of death pass by because you are with me.... bless me. In your name I pray Amen...... Goodnight 

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Angel Of Death. Kings


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