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Unemployment Force People to Open Churches and Start “Chopping” Choir Girls “Basaa”- Johnnie.

As part of the Media General’s TV3 “Newday” morning show, there is a new category added to the show called “Johnnie’s Bite.” Indeed, this category has become necessary because Johnnie Hughes is known to be very vociferous and people have taken interest in his frequent opinions every morning.

In today’s editorial, Johnnie Hughes took the attention of Ghanaians to the church and “Jesus Industry.” He questioned why there are many churches in Ghana which operate without any proper regulations. Most of the people who start these churches do so because they are unemployed. That got him curious; which one of Jesus’ disciples- Peter, James, John and even Judas was unemployed and was preaching to make a living?- Johnnie questions.

Today, the church is a big marketplace, everything is sold there, oil, candles, koko, etc and all of them are tax-free- Johnnie Hughes. This is why people are recommending that churches must be taxed. Because some of these churches hoard energetic people in service during working hours. These are people who are supposed to work and contribute to the country’s economy. Johnnie cited how in June 2004, the “Ghanaian Chronicle” newspaper published that over 60,000USD was transported from Ghana to Nigeria in a malevolent manner.

The noise pollution by these churches in residential areas was also treated by Johnnie Hughes. There should be regulatory bodies well stipulated to monitor churches and their background. The National Security should be up and doing on these “Jesus Industries.” According to Johnnie, Pastors should have degrees and/or diplomas before they are given permits to operate. Johnnie Hughes finally stated that- if you hate me for this, I don’t care! Well, some Ghanaians reacted to the video and this is what went down at the Facebook live feed: 

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