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Wonders Of God: The Four (4) Types Of Human beings God Created

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As some of the attributes of Allah are his wonderfulness and all knowing which explains how he can see things that can't be seen or determined by any creature of His and knows what happens in future on earth and any other planet you can think of.

Signifying Allah's wonderfulness and powerfulness. Do you know that God created mankind in four (4) ways? If no then just read this article to the bottom to abreast yourself with the wonders of Allah.

Four (4) Ways God Created Mankind

Firstly, God created the first man on earth (Adam) using sand, True or False?

Then secondly, He used male to produce female thus using the rib of Adam whom he created using sand to create Eve, True or False?

Thirdly, He created you and i using a male and a female thus He made Adam and Eve to mate and He produced you and I, True or False?

And lastly, He created a male using only a female without mating taking place thus using virgin Mary to produce Jesus, True or False?

So to those thinking that Jesus Christ is God just because he came from a woman who was still a virgin should rethink very well because Jesus can never be God. He is only special because he is a messenger of God and nothing in addition to that.

The above writeup shows how Allah used four (4) different ways in creating human beings.

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