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Checkout what a 100 year old lady wrote about her birthday and what people are saying.

Aging is something that God provides to mankind. More age means more blessing. If one grows to age seventy and over, then it means God has really blessed that individual. This means that old age in itself is a blessing from God. An old lady has caused a stir on the net by tweeting a heartwarming message. She tweeted “it’s not everyday that you get to turn 100…… may the celebration commence”. 

This has caused many netizens to really admire the old lady for her love for life. This means that the old lady just turned 100 years and is so excited to get to that age because many people die even at age 50 or even 20 years. So for her to be 100 which is not a joke, she has to celebrate her age. 

One thing that is fascinating about her picture and her post is the balloons and the decorations around her. This is a clear indication that, she is actually excited to turn 100 years. 

However, gone are the days when individuals grew to be 120 years, 100 years or even 90 years. But nowadays, majority of people are unable to surpass the age that God even gave us. There are a number of reasons. One factor is the type of food the youth nowadays consume. It’s a major factor since most foods that not contain the right nutrients. Also the lifestyle of the youth also prevents them from attaining such a age. The youth nowadays do not respect the elderly, they tend to be antagonistic to authority and all. This does not even bring blessings their way. More so the old lady has thought us that, there is more to life even after 100 years. So each individual should endeavor to attain that age in life. 

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