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There Will Be No Official Announcement For The 666 Mark Of The Beast, Just Repent

Satan is a defeated foe; Jesus Christ defeated Satan when he died and conquer death and raise the believer from the life of death to eternal life in paradise as per God’s original plan for the earth.

The message for the true believer now is only repentance; in fact the church of Jesus Christ has only one message, the message of repentance from the life of death to eternal life in paradise. That is all the church is supposed to do. To preach the new life that Jesus Christ came to offer so that the believer can wake up from his or her ignorance to light. Repentance was the central gospel of the ministry of Jesus Christ just like it was for John the Baptist

Satan is keeping believers in bondage using his old tricks of deception and the principles in the Old Testament. There is nothing any Juju man does that is not in the bible even money rituals or the act of offering human as sacrifice for wealth or things is in the Old Testament Bible. All other powers or magic are based on principles that are in the bible

What many believers do not know is that the bible is the most powerful book in the world, if you take the Old Testament and decide to believe the principles in it and follow it, it will work for you even though Jesus Christ came to offer the believer redemption through his blood. It will work for you because God is a principled God and he cannot go against his own word.

Even though the Old Testament principles will work for you, it will work for you as a rebel with your chief rebel leader Satan who have also decided to follow the same Old Testament principles to battle Jehovah

Satan operates on lies, deception and cunnings so the true believer should not expect that he will come announcing to the whole world that people you should choose between having 666 implanted on their foreheads or not. So we are at a stage where a lot of people have subscribe to things that they are not even aware of, Where a lot of people have innocent bloods on their hands when in reality they do not even have the courage to kill a fowl

Jehovah is the best marketing strategist and Satan has learnt well from his master even though he does not agree with his master, so he finds a way to present his things to people for them to accept it without even knowing what they have really subscribed to

To repent means to change your mind from the old believes and accept that Jesus Christ has redeem you from the life of death to eternal life in paradise. This is what everyone needs to do, to repent and reconnect with the source, the creator, Jehovah

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