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Massive Reaction On Social Media After Ajagurajah Was Spotted Holding Gun

There is this particular picture of Ajagurajah that is fast trending online, and this is all just because he was having a gun in his possession.

Ajagurajah, the leader of the Ajagura Movement is one who according to most people and a few of his posts online, advices his people to always protect themselves spiritually.

Seeing this picture has got a lot of people commenting greatly with some saying "protection both physically and spiritually".

Meanwhile, the picture that was seen placed online by Ajagurajah was tagged, "A lion can never become a rat." Besides, physical protection is no crime so according to his post, there is nothing wrong with seeing a man of God who always advice his congregation to pray for spiritual protection with a gun meant for his physical protection as well.

Among the comments also was a particular comment that has caught people's attention.

The individual funnily stated, "killer nkuto" in Twi language meaning "the Shea butter killer".

According to most people, it is somehow not understable and funny seeing a supposed Man of God relying on physical protection instead of believing in their Lord for protection.

This is something that every individual will think upon a first glance at the picture, and even looking at it carefully the gun was not a pistol that can be hidden in his clothes but a very big one as those of a hunter who is prepared to go in search of a game.

He was seen wearing a black attire with little stripes of red well placed on it in the form of an embroidery and standing like one prepared for the battlefield.

This one is what we call soldiers in the Lord prepared to fight both the physical and spiritual war.

The setting for the picture seemed to be the grounds for worship of his ministry and he was seen barefooted with a pack of Tampico placed just a few distance away from where he stood. Check out the photo of Ajagurajah that is causing massive stir online.

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