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What you must do if you want to see the Glory of God?

People always depend one way or the other based on their believe a supreme being wanting to behold the magnificence, power and what really that being constitute of in their own lives. This power, majesty, work etc… is all put together called the glory of that being. However, we must understand that supreme being also should be in the position to be ready to show and to reveal their effervescence and ability otherwise it’s a non-starter.

One should note that expecting to see the glory of God demands that you put things in order so as to avail yourself to experience the presence of his glory. Meanwhile, when we speak of the glory of God, it is to be apprehended in appearance, giving, goodness, mercy, forgiveness, and so on, because in Exod 33:20 Moses is told that the face of God could not be seen lest he die.

Believe in God

I believe this comes as a no surprise since it is the very foundation upon which everything commences. Believes sparks the relationship between you and God and is indicative of the level of trust in God. Unassumingly, what believe in God will make individual do or the extent they will go is unimaginable so as to see the glory of God they seek for. In this quest your prospects come alive such that you only obey instructions handed down to you. Believe in God certainly makes get very personal with God and fortunately that is all what God wants from you. Know him as he knows you, behold his face as he beholds your face.

Get aligned to God’s Allies

Yes, you must get aligned to the people chosen by God to be his representatives, people God has affection for and has endorsed. While this may seem very familiar, it is very critical in the matter of seeing the glory of God. Who possibly is or are God’s allies? First of all, an ally of God is a friend, associate, and a link of God. How feasible is it to behold the glory of God without passing through a link? It becomes very difficult if not tenable. Thus the ability to recognize the links of God for his blessings is noteworthy and profound. The overarching link of God is Jesus Christ as the bible says and this need no further explanation because I believe you need to accept it whether you like or not. Prophets, Apostles, teachers, Evangelists, Pastors of God etc… are all God’s link to seeing his Glory. Israel and the Christians are both allies of God and getting hooked up is of a great price to experience the magnanimity of God.

Plan and find something to do

God is a master planner hence there will be a discord when you do not plan. God definitely has an overarching plan however he is able to accommodate and incorporate your plan provided it conflicts not with his. ‘if you fail to plan, then you have planned to fail’ is an adage which stress on the role of planning to achieve a specific goal or vision and in this case the glory of God. Though we always behold certain glory of God and may spontaneously behold even a more-higher glory of God, yet, the much epic dimension of God’s glory may be experienced after a carrying out a careful plan. If a plan should be carried out then there is the urgency to work. God is always on the move to do something and as such believers are supposed to work to see the glory of God. In working, we experience God’s divine interventions where we are able to say especially about the situation in hand it is God at work. Working for God and working in your business or job are two kinds of works which must be done concurrently. Once your business or job prevents you from working for God, know that there is an aspect of God’s glory you may not see because both types of works command their separate glory of God. However, working for God superimpose on working for yourself or man thus has consequences on you.

In conclusion, God’s glory is there to be seen given the privilege we have in Christ but we need to make the effort to experience all the dimensions of God’s glory which comprises of his blessings, goodness, favor, mercy and more.

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