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Learn how to Thank God for keeping you at all times for Removing the enemy from your Blessings.

We are looking at an important part of the Ministrying of our Lord Jesus Christ. There's therefore, one very important thing which I noticed about the Ministrying of our Lord Jesus Christ, is Thanks Giving.

According to the Bible in John chapter 11 the verse 41. And many other New Testament Bible Scriptures as I study, they've prompt me to take notes on the Light that Jesus always Gives thanks first. Before continuing with whatever Holly Spiritual work that He will do on anybody.

Jesus Christ as Our ID of Godliness, and from whom we are Learning the typical life of God, is Teaching us the Best steps to Activating God and the Holy Spirit to work on anything we want from God. Thanks Giving.

I know that you are also a type who love to be accepting thanks for whatever you do for anybody. Including your wife or husband and children or anybody else in this life. Jesus healed 10 people and is only of them who came to Thank Him. And He took that opportunity to help us to be well aware of the very value of thank giving.

By asking the good one who brought his appreciation that where was the other 9?

Which means that the other 9 peoples, are ungrateful for not valuing what God or anybody does or will do for them.

Don't be an ungrateful person. Is leading you in to hell. Therefore, I THANK God for Removing every Huge Stone which the enemy has use to Block your life from your Blessings and you have been suffering and be kept in one tumb for all this while. You are Out to enjoy your Blessings from now on in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. BLESS YOU.

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