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"Judgement is real; Repent Or Perish" Okomfo Agradaa Now Turn Evangelist Preaches on IG Live.

In a live video on Instagram, Okomfo Agradaa now self-styled and christened Evangelist Patricia Oduro-Koranteng is seen seriously preaching and admonishing the youth to repent from their wicked ways because heaven is real and judgment is real. She continued to admonish the youth to learn from her as she has repented because the world is coming to an end.

Okomfo Agradaa after many years of peddling her trade as a fetish priestess with countless accusations and allegations of duping and defrauding people of their hard earned cash, suddenly woke up one morning claiming she has changed and found God. Following from there she set her gods on fire publicly and went to church to formally surrender her life to Christ.

Notwithstanding this public show of repentance, many were angry at her and blasted her for amassing wealth of people's sweat, putting them on social media and when she felt she has had enough, came out to declare she has repented.

Netizens who found her IG Live Sermon offensive did not fail to hide their anger and disdain but went ahead to blast her. Many of them found it hard to understand what moral right or authority she had to preach on repentance.

Check reactions on the Live video below:

Click on the link below for the full video:

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IG Live Sermon Okomfo Agradaa


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