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Should I stop going to church? See what I found in the Bible

The Holy Bible is awesome of all books of all time. The Bible have become one of the most sold books on earth, and one of the books that cost a ton. 

The records in the Bible shows how astonishing the holy texts are. All of the substance in the Bible were formed by mankind yet invigorated by the producer of heaven and Earth. 

The Bible is a book that contains words that are not adequately sensible. There are a couple of segments in the Bible of which if you read you will not at any point get the arrangement aside from if God reveal it to you. 

I ran over precisely two dangerous and un-legitimate verses which is perplexing me. 

The refrains appears to astoundingly frustrating and perilous. 

Take a gander at them underneath 

Deuteronomy 25:11-1 

It says, "You can kill a woman in case she gauges a man's private parts without his approval. 

I have been contemplating this since I ran over it, it's astoundingly dumbfounding it is apparently propelling bad behavior. What does it truly mean? Would somebody have the option to reveal it better to me? 

Another perplexing refrain " ll Chronicles 21:14-15 it says " Behold with a remarkable plaque will the Lord annihilate thy people and they kids, and thy life partners and all thy product: And thou shalt have a mind boggling disease by ailment of thy internal parts, until thy insides drop out by reason of the torment.. 

This gives off an impression of being so bewildering and un-sensible , Can anyone unveil this Better to me please.

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