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God Is Good ; Dag Heward Mills Finally Vindicated Against The Claim Of His Resigned Pastors.

According to the scriptures, God is good to his children. The Holy spirit will send redeemers in time of trial. Perhaps we can attribute Dag Heward Mills vindication by SSNIT to this portion of the Bible. That's the religious aspect. The court however doesn't check this but evidence.

The claims by the resigned pastors of Dag Heward Mills that he refused to pay SSNIT contributions for them was shot down by the SSNIT as they vindicated the Dag Heward Mills.

According to Journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni who was in court, SSNIT explained to the courts that the resigned pastors of Dag Heward Mills are not entitled to any SSNIT claims because they can't hold themselves as employees.

They explained an employee to be an individual who is officially bonded by an organization, Given an official appointment Letter, pay taxes and contribute to the Trust fund.

In the case of the resigned pastors, there is no Document to that effect. They don't even have appointment letters hence can't hold themselves employees of Dag Heward Mills.

The prosecution was however Unhappy with the claim from SSNIT. as they presented certificates of pastoral ordination to challenge SSNIT.

Will the court accept that in place of official appointment Letter ? For now, we can say that the basis of the case is shaking as we await the final verdict from the courts.

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