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A Cathedral Should Be National Priority

Faith or religion is an inevitable topic in on this earth as long as one is part of the living. With its structure, its demands, constraints and its effects on individuals and humanity as a whole. There are those who believe in it and others you do not believe in it, some so strong they tend to also form another religion without knowing. The major problem about religion/faith in the world especially in Africa where I am is how it is handled. The channeling of wrongful time and energy to by the young, old, fit and unfit. It is being misinterpreted, exaggerated or aligned to justify some very absurd action by many citizens and their leaders.

Today I Draw your attention to one important incident in Ghana in the west of Africa, where their current presidential leadership have placed a certain act based on faith and religion over the provision of some very basic needs of their people, the promise he made to God, to build a cathedral in honor to God for his victory as president.

Priority to every human is key and ones it is misplaced can hinder progress, this is a country where good roads are a big problem not yet worked on, where electricity and water supply have many short falls so even spend millions of dollars for support from foreign lands, where infrastructures like schools, hospitals, recreational centers and many more are not up to standard or enough to meet its demands, where bad educational system and corruption is a menace every single day and on the list of the country’s leader, a cathedral is priority.

I say this because works on the land where this infrastructure is being constructed have never seized from day of commencement, meaning the passion and resources are always being pumped in to ensure it is completed in time. Many important infrastructure had to be cleared just to create space for this religious act/decision.

Let us do some do some random math, the Secretary to the Board of Trustees for the construction of a National Cathedral, Victor Kusi Boateng has disclosed that estimated cost for the edifice will be in the region of $200 million. In 2007, the Ghana government spent about 1.7 million Ghana cedis on educational infrastructure in “Bosomtwe-Atwima-Kwanwonma” District. These are 22 three-unit classroom blocks at GHC 660,000, 10 six-unit classroom blocks at GHC 550,000, eight two-unit day-care centers at GHC 210,000 and three, four-unit teachers’ quarters at GHC 210,000. This GHC 1,700,000 is just about $280,000. Let us even overprize this amount to $300,000 and imagine the number of educational infrastructures that could be built especially in its current national crises of not having enough educational infrastructure to host their free senior high school policies. In addition to that, creating and giving the nationals in the diaspora access to quality education and teacher accommodation as well.

This is not only in relation to education, it affects roads, hospitals and so many social structures which exist to provide the very basic needs of the people. Why divert all these funds, whether personally generated or out of citizens taxes into a building to satisfy a religious urge, and struggling to maintain that which directly affects the lives in the country directly?

Why give a two year old the latest BMW when he or she does not even have access to diaper or enough clothes to wear. What is the basis of this scale of presence created by these African leader. Wouldn’t it be better to use just $100,000 to build facilities to house many who have no homes and live on the streets, who later turn into robbers and harm others just as a means to survive than an edifice for God?

The African leader must open his or her eye, irrespective of the country and get their priorities right and apportion properly the limited resources available to make their nationals have a better life.

Well, yes a cathedral is important, but are we sure it is much more important than the others and it always seems there isn’t enough funds for just anything but this miraculously has it. Africa, rise up. 

Content created and supplied by: KennCross (via Opera News )

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