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Meaning of Sankofa and the Sankofa adage.

Sankofa is an Akan word meaning ''Reach Back To Fetch''.

It comes with an adage: ''Sɛ wo werɛ fe na wo san kɔ fa a yɛ nnkyi'' meaning ''When You Forget And You Reach Back To Fetch Is Never Forbidden''.

Reaching to fetch, one should have in mind that, ''Tradition is good to be taking in, but one must know the one which is good to be eaten and the one rotten to be discarded''.

Breaking it down:

There is the need to have knowledge about ones history (past) in order to understand present situations and circumstances to plan for a better future. That's, taking from the past what will help one to have a fruitful future.

Also, one needs to know why something is done before one can understand what is being done.

One may start a journey without having enough knowledge about the intended destination, in this case is never too late in any given time to fall on others who know more for the needed assistance.

One may hold on to a believe or doctrine thinking that's the sole truth, upon realizing the falsehood of what one is holding onto, there's always the chance to unlearn, learn and relearn.

History is all the guild to a better future.

Without knowing your history is like cutting your own throat.

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Akan Sankofa


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