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God of Isreal is not the Creator of the Universe - Quotation Master Again.

Kwaku Peprah known as Quotation Master has once again raised another conversation about religion and this time people are really hitting hard at him, Quotation Master is a spiritualist and seer who disproves religion and other believes. According to him he doesn't see the need for one to believe a religion or culture from someone's else country. In several interviews he's argued that, the white man came to steal our Gold, rape our women made us slaves, and gave us a Book which says, blessed are the poor and also we shouldn't enjoy riches on earth but after we die we will walk on Gold in heaven.

Quotation Master who was once a preacher argued that, the God in the Bible captured as the God of Isreal exist but he isn't the Creator of the Universe or the Supreme God. According to him there are about 1,000 God's who reign in their own kingdom and the God of Isreal is one of them. According to him, The God of Isreal a warrior or a war leader, he claims he has seen the God of Isreal before and even described him. He narrated that, The God of Isreal is a giant whose head is seen across the Clouds if he stands up, and has dreadlocks.

According to Quotation Master, he has the knowledge to separate his soul from his body known as Astral projection, and is able to explore in the spiritual world. He stated that, the Supreme God who Created the universe is unidentifiable and no one has seen him before. He made reference that, the God of Buddha is different from the God of the Islamic religion, and they were all created by the Supreme God, just like we have different Angels. Most people think Quotation Master is out if his mind and doesn't know what he's talking about. But according to him he knows exactly what he is saying.

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