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Three Amazing Facts You Need To Know About The "Jesus Christ Lizard".

There is a wide range and species of Lizard still in the world even though some are eventually becoming extinct due to urbanization and modernization. We still continue to see different kinds of Lizard everyday .

However there is this rare species of Lizards which currently exist in some parts of the world and has some exceptional traits that will blow your minds off.

This Lizard is the green basilik lizard which is scientifically known as Basiliscus plumifrons and also goes by the names plumed basilisk and double-crested basilisk. It's names are denoted from the special crest on it's head which is extraordinarily used by the males to attract their female kinds.

The crest on their head remembers a lot of people of a mythical creature which is referred to as a rooster because it's body is half rooster and half lizard.

More excitingly, this rare specie of lizard ,the green basilik lizard also has a much more common and mind blowing nick name. Most people call it the Jesus Christ Lizard.

Amazing, isn't it? It was given this name because it can run on water. This nickname comes from the reptile's unique ability to run on water. They are able to break the laws of gravity and stay on a water surface for a long period of time.

They can be found in tropical rain forests in Central America especially in Southern Mexico and Panama. They usually live in trees that are close to a water body so that if a predator eg. a snake finds them, they can quickly jump onto the water surface and run speedily across it to escape from that predator.

How do they do this amazing stuff? Basilisk lizards have special toes on their rear feet. These long toes have fringes of skin like scales that spread out in the water to increase the surface area of the foot making contact with the water.

When they run on water, they pump their legs very quickly, slapping their feet hard against the water. This action creates tiny pockets of air that keep them suspended on top of the water as long as they maintain a great amount of speed.

Basilisk lizards can run on water for several meters. Eventually, gravity will take over, though. When that happens, these amazing lizards simply rely on their strong swimming skills to either run from their predators or catch their preys. So the next time you find yourself in Central America you need to try and get a view of this amazing creature.

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