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Religious Tolerance In Ghana

The religious tolerance in Ghana has been a very positive one since people from a particular religious background are able to mingle with their peers from other religious backgrounds. In Ghana, people are allowed to profess their religious faith and beliefs openly without fear. The various schools, institutions and workplaces do not restrict students or workers to only a particular religion. Anyone from any religious background is allowed to be a member of any government institution. 

Friendship across the country is not limited among a particular religious group. We can find Muslims having Christian best friends and vice versa. There are also instances where people from different religious backgrounds fall in love and one is willing to convert to the partner's religion. People buy and eat foods that are sold by sellers from a different religious group. When it comes to celebration of religious festivals, we support each other other in whatever way we can. We even seem to celebrate it together. The foods that are cooked by the celebrants of a religious festival are sometimes extended to friends from other religions. 

When it comes to extending a hand to the poor and needy, we do not take religious backgrounds into consideration. We offer help to the people around us despite the religious background they come from. Apart from schools that are strictly for certain religious groups, any student is eligible to be voted for in regard to positions. Even in the district, regional and national levels, anyone from any religious group has the right to vote and be voted for. Parents do not disregard friends of their wards who belong to other religious groups.

Currently, the president of the country is a Christian while his vice is a Muslim. Rights and freedoms in the country are enjoyed by all. Religious women that are supposed to dress in a particular way are allowed to do so in the various government institutions. Muslim women are allowed to cover their hair freely without restriction. Recently during the eid-ul fitr, the president paid a visit to the national chief Imam of the country. Everyone respects the leaders of the various religious groups. 

However, there is some little religious intolerance among certain people in the country. There are some people who only respect people from their own religious groups. We also have people who only tolerate the views of only their religious group members. In some of our private schools, Muslim girls are not allowed to wear their veil during school periods. Some people also tend to discriminate against people who do not belong to their religious groups. We still have people who will never want to change their negative mindset towards a different religious group. 

In a nutshell, looking at the few religious intolerance among the few unconcerned citizens, the religious tolerance in the country outweighs the religious intolerance. 

By Grace Opoku

Content created and supplied by: DrayB (via Opera News )

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