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It Is A Prophecy; They Will Never Have Peace Until Justice Is Served - Prophet Oduro Serves Notice

The founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has sent another message to some group of people he describes as 'evil doers' in the country.

Speaking to his church members this morning, the man of God revealed that God is a righteous man who always makes sure that the right thing is done all the time. He added that some politicians in the country have done evil against God and they are currently receiving punishment for it.

He made it clear that the kind of sicknesses or illness some politicians get are not in vain but it is a punishment from God because of their corrupt activities.

Speaking on the topic "Justice" in church, the man of God revealed that the killers of the J.B Danquah and the Takoradi girls will never have peace of mind until justice is served. He made it clear there are several persons who were involved but only few have been apprehended. He made it clear that all those who had a hand in the deaths of these persons will suffer the consequences because it is a prophecy.

"The blood of JB Danquah will not stop crying. The Takoradi girls blood will not stop crying. All those involved in those cases, I am telling you prophetically that you will not have peace of mind until there is justice" he said.

He later urged his congregation, politicians and the general public to abide by the rules of the land and in the Bible so that the wrath of God will not come on them.

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