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Angel Obinnim Captured Inside His Church Wrestling With Suspected Spirits.

It was all surprise in the International God's Way Church IGWC when Bishop Angel Daniel Obinnim took to the realms of the spirits to challenge a woman possessed With a marine spirit in his church.

The Lady who is in her early thirties fell flat at the feet of the Angel.

According to a trending video which was originally posted on the official Facebook page of Bishop Daniel Angel Obinnim, he caught the marine spirit which has been tormenting the Lady for years.

After the exorcism exercise, the Lady confirmed becoming so light.

" I can feel so free. I'm feeling so light. I'm free.I'm free from the spirits of marine " she kept shouting with her hands raised in the air.

She also confirmed possessing the spirit because according to her, she always dreamt of swimming, eating and dining with fishes.

Later, she got angry at people who eat fish. Because she felt that her spiritual cousins are being eaten.

Obinnim is a popular man of God in Ghana. This is not the first time he has wrestled with supposed spirits.

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