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Eye Opener: You Can Never Be Intimidated When You Do This- Ps. Chris Oyakhilome. DSC. DD

The essence of the human spirit is not the physical body. The body can be limited. There are things you cannot do because of your physical body but words cannot be limited. It goes into the realms of the Spirit. God designed divinity to be revealed and released through words.

1. Learn how to use your words rightly. Words are powerful weapons. You can change anything in any country from wherever you are if you know how to use your words rightly. If you have any situation to deal with, stir your spirit. Train yourself to think God's thoughts because if you think God's thoughts the necessary results will be to speak God's Words because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. This will make you win always.

Meditate on the word, soak yourself in the word until only the word comes out of your mouth. This will create a beautiful world for you to live in.

2. Cast all your cares upon God, everthing you care about. Make up your mind to worry no more. Throw all the things you care about upon God. As humans as we are if we can care for others or our children, how much more God. He care so much for us and tells us not to worry but to bring before Him anything that bothers us. Your worries and cares can stop God's power from flowing your way.

The word of God says for with the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. It is not enough to believe, you have to speak whatever you believe out. Begin to declare, "solution is mine, the answer is mine, healing is mine, protection is mine, prosperity is mine, because my heavenly father cares. It is the word that is voiced that works.

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Eye Opener


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