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If You Enter Any Church And Notice Any Of These 3 Things, Please Leave

We live in a time when many people are deceived in the name of religion.

Generally speaking, the people behind Nigeria have always refused miracles, or should I say miracles? If you can perform miracles or perform signs and wonders in Nigeria, you are not only on the road to fame but also towards prosperity. I kept saying, "The last way to get rich in Nigeria is through politics, through religion." Now, most of these so-called miracles are actually performed, some pastors even go as far as to engage in the evil practice of helping to lure people into their churches through miracles, knowing full well that Nigerians love miracles. Not surprisingly, many people in such churches place a greater emphasis on miracles.

Here are five ways to identify fake Nigerian pastors.

1. You preach prosperity, things you want to hear

Not only will a true man of God preach the sweetest part of the Bible and God's promises, he or she must tell you how dangerous and jealous God is when sin is involved in the life of faith. In Nigeria, most people preach God more about prosperity than about salvation. They never preached AD and how to prevent it. CHRISTIANITY IS NOT PINK BEAUTY! SIN MUST REGULATE THE CHURCH.

While proclaiming wealth isn't bad, what you overdo it is bad. If you come across a pastor in Nigeria who is more focused on prosperity and prosperity than on saving people's lives, that pastor is wrong when he looks for a way to fill his pockets. Run from church like that and make sure your soul is satisfied with your sins.

2. Live a luxurious lifestyle

What exactly is Christianity? Christianity means to be like Christ. Most pastors or God's people are more concerned with how to accumulate wealth for themselves on earth. Jesus Christ, who is our perfect example, set an example for his apostles and asked them to put material things aside lest the devil use them to tempt them with the truth. A good person may choose to bless a rich believer, but when he or she becomes the center of your focus (God), idolaters and non-idolaters will enter the kingdom of God, including your Shepherd! You will see priests, overseers, generals, priests, etc. Live a luxurious lifestyle in the modern world while its members are starving and very poor, waiting for God to make them rich. Some of these so-called God's Men have billions of dollars in properties, but Nigeria is in an economic downturn.

It doesn't have to be, the true and true pastor must learn to live a moderate life, not accumulate wealth for himself to be emulated by his church.

3. They deceive others by twisting the words of the Bible

I know that most people in Nigeria will be surprised at the particular way this false pastor identifies, namely the truth. Many false pastors deceive their flocks by twisting the words of the Bible to suit them. Picture the photo above and decide if some churches in Nigeria are not real. They do this because they will undoubtedly benefit from preaching in this way. Whatever your pastor or pastor preaches at the altar, you should try to check your Bible as often as possible to see if it is wrong or not.

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