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People React as Pastor Shave his Member's Armpit in the Church (Photos)

Every Sunday, people in Africa go to church to worship God. There are numerous ministries today, and they are not regulated by the government. Anyone can open a church and become a pastor and start to have members. 

Miracles and prophecies are two of the strategies African pastors use to attract new members. People in Africa seek miracles and prophecies, which are two things frequently used to capture new members. A prophet who goes by the named Smack down performs all kinds of wrestling finishing moves on his members in the name bof deliverance.

Last week, a South African pastor claimed to have made money by entering a woman's bag, and he also claimed to have walked on Air, and he even claimed that a picture of a baby was sent to his phone during the deliverance session from above.

This afternoon, a picture of a pastor shaving his female members in his church has surfaced on social media. I don't know what the pastor was thinking and what he was trying to achieve by asking a grown-up lady to remove her cloth inside church for what the reason maybe. I don't know, but this is entirely wrong. 

As a human being, how would you react if your pastor asked you to remove you clothes so that he could shave you inside the church? How would you feel?

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