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There are many works in the Church you are going. Find one of them and do. Be the fruit Branch.

Beloved in Christ Jesus. This are some of the things which our Lord Jesus Christ is referring to concerning the parable of the fruit Branch.

Meaning as you become a child of God. A Christian. You have accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit has placed you at a certain place to Worship God there, I mean Where you are attending Church, find something to do be happily doing over there. For example : Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to be working in the Church. There are works you must do. Pastor is one. Prayer Group join them. Usher. Cleaning the Church is another great work. Singing Group join them. A Prototype to the Head Pastor. Do it. And many other things.

These are the serious things that our Lord Jesus Christ is talking about. Soul winning is another Awesome thing to do. So doing all of one of these, will make you the Very Fruit Branch that our Lord Jesus Christ is going to prepare to produce more fruits according to the Bible in John chapter 15 and the 3.

But if you make up your mind to be going to the Church but doing nothing, and even your life style aren't adding any positive impact on the society, then you need to be cut off from the Christ you claim to join. You can be known as a spy or an enemy of God. Even to you who's working in the Church but your life style is acting satanic, you still fornicate, smoke, drink alcohol, do evil and complomizing things, then repent now. Or be cut off by the Lord Jesus Christ and be send to hell.

But since hell is not your portion, therefore, do the right thing in Christ Jesus. And be call the Fruit Branch. And even as you are waiting for the Rapture, your soul will be Glad that you've serve the Lord Our God the Almighty in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. People will even be your witness on this earth and they'll be saying goog things about your service to God before the day will come even if you are Alive or die.

Help your self in serving the Lord well. For your reward is great. Bless You.

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