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Was It Wrong For Living Faith Church Worldwide To Sack Pastors For Not Meeting Revenue Targets ?

In a viral video circulating on social media, a pastor who claimed to have been working for the Living faith church Worldwide said he was sacked along with 40 others for not being able to meet revenue targets. This has generated a lot of discussions on social media. Whilst others think it's wrong for the church to focus on money instead of winning souls, others also think money is important for the growth of the church and hence there is nothing wrong with the Living faith church worldwide dismissing pastors for failing to meet revenue targets. But is there something wrong with asking pastors to meet a revenue target for the church?

In the early days of the church after the death of Yeshua, the disciples depended largely on each other and believers for the propagation of the gospel of Christ. The main focus of the church during those times was to primarily win souls for God. The disciples preach the Kingdom of God and the need for people to repent. The need for people to accept the works that Yeshua came to do to return man to the original plan of God. Once the soul is won, the person is encouraged to study and develop his or her relationship with God. They are also encouraged to gather and fellowship and study together with other believers around them.

Today, society has evolved and everything has evolved with time. The focus is more on planting churches. Planting a church is not a joke in these times of economic uncertainties and difficulties. It involves money. This has forced a lot of churches into operating as a business. Hence business modules and strategies are applied in making decisions concerning the church. Whilst some churches like Living Faith church worldwide still retains the focus on winning souls, the need to sustain the church in terms of infrastructure and other needs has also become a very important factor in making decisions. Hence the need to make sure certain targets are met in terms of revenue.

We are in the end times and just as Yeshua predicted, things will become harder and harder but the believer is encouraged to cheer up and note that their redemption is near. Today, people are even scared to own up as believers publicly because they are scared of what may be done to them. People have become very fearful of the evil and wicked ones and their ways but whatever the case the believer is encouraged to trust and believe God no matter what happens. The battle and reward is eternal not earthly temporal

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