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Reasons Nigerians come to Ghana

In the late 70s and 80s, Nigeria remained a country every Tom and Harry from other west African countries, most especially the English speaking ones dreams to visit, but today the trend has changed.

My father used to tell us how Ghanaians flooded a part of Lagos called Agege and how another part of Lagos state was named Yaba due to the influence of Ghanaians, but today before a Ghanaian will take his bag and decide to travel to Nigeria it is either for a business trip, in which he will return in short period of time, or either he is running away from Ghana due to one criminal activity or the other.

Of recent, Nigerians have flooded Ghana, some with genuine interest to do business while others are for criminal activities. There is no part of Ghana that one will not see a Nigerian.

Now the question remains while has Nigerians come to Ghana as if Ghana is annexed to Nigeria? the answers are the following:.

1) low level of competition in Business compared to Nigeria.

2)High cost of goods and services as when compared to Nigeria. This makes Nigerians to buy goods in Nigeria in lesser amount and make about 300percent gain when they bring the goods and sell them in Ghana.

3)Ghana is peaceful and both organize and violent crimes are less as when compared to that of Nigeria.

4) cyber criminals are seriously chased,arrested and prosecuted in Nigeria leading to influx of Nigeria cyber fraud stars to Ghana.

5)lastly, to travel from Nigeria to Ghana is visa free and the fare is relatively low. This alone can make a whole family in need of peace to resettle in Ghana.

Content created and supplied by: Igweolololo (via Opera News )

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