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Wesley girls shs fasting saga


While Wesley Girls’ Senior High School may have its reasons for banning fasting in the school, one thing they may be losing sight of is the numerous benefits associated with fasting. 

Key among these benefits is DISCIPLINE, which every school and for that matter, a faith-based one, seeks to instill in students. Indeed, discipline is one of the key attributes faith-based institutions pride themselves of. So, if that is really the case, then the last thing a faith-based institution like Wesley Girls SHS should do is ban their students from fasting.

Fasting is associated with so many restrictions which contribute to disciplining its adherents. It takes a disciplined person to abstain from food for a whole day. It takes a disciplined person to abstain from water. It takes a disciplined person to abstain from immoral acts, such as illicit sex, theft, use of vulgar language, etc.? Indeed, one of the rules of is that, when a fasting person is provoked, all what they should say to provoker is, “I am fasting”! In other words, if I were not fasting, I would not tolerate what you have done to me or I would retaliate. All these values, which are associated with fasting, contribute to making an adherent of fasting a disciplined person.  

It should be noted that, as an element of character formation, fasting in Islam is an informal training that children are given at their early ages so that they can grow up with it. Indeed, most children start fasting on their own as a way of mimicking their parents. Some parents even try to restrain their children in vain. Most of us Muslim adults who are able to fast today started doing so at our tender ages. At that age, children fast gradually until they get to a period in their lives when they are able to complete the mandatory 30 days as in Ramadan Fasting.

So, any institution that thinks that fasting at an early age is detrimental to a child should re-examine that thought. Therefore, this matter of Wesley Girls’ Senior High School banning students from fasting because of their ages, needs rethinking. Is it the case that such students flout school regulations as a result of fasting? If so, then guidelines need to be put in place to forestall that. If the school has other reasons for the ban which they do not want to put in the public domain, then, they should engage stakeholders in the education sector, including Ghana Education Service, the Ghana Muslim Council, etc., to find an amicable solution to impasse.     

Dr. Adams Sulemana Achanso

Content created and supplied by: RobinhoJib (via Opera News )

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