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Expose The Acts Of Those You Work With, Not The False Prophets

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In life, there are many ways God uses his people. Each and everyone has his or her own mission and vision for God's work.

Not long ago that we all heard our Papa Saying that he is going to make sure he exposed the false prophets by revealing more revelations.

He made mention that most of the fake pastors uses their so called oils to deceive Ghanaian's and take huge sum of money from them. 

He said sometime ago, he made an aligation about the fake Prophets, but Ghanaian's did not agree with his suggestion. He made mention that one of the popular Ghanaian prophet Obinim is one of the fake pastors who have been giving fake prophecies. 

He again said that how can they sell water and oil in church and people will be running after this things, So he sees all this behaviors as madness.

Just recently on Oman Channel, two young men named Sir Theo and Red replied Kennedy for spreading that alligation to arrest the false prophets. They made it clear that almost all the pastors in the world preaches the word, and it up to the individual to determine the right message and the wrong message. Most people knows what they get from attending those churches so they are now permanent members. 

They again made it clear that if Kennedy is saying that he knows how to reveal revelations, then he should reveal our Leaders behavior for Ghana to develop but not the Prophet's.

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