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You Will Not Believe What This Woman Was Caught Doing In Church That Is Causing Stir Online.

Hello my cherished readers I welcome you to Dimaskinosnews once again as I bring to you one mind busting writing about one just-repented Slay Queen I think doing the unthinkable and undoable in church. As you are about to read this article, I humbly ask you to comment, like and share after reading and please follow to be notified anytime we drop another banger.

There is this video circulating and causing stir online especially Instagram that has made a lot of people question what Christianity today is turning into. The church is a house of God where his/her supposed children go to worship Him/Her. I say Him/Her because nobody actually knows the gender of God. Anyways, this woman in question maybe forgot that she was in church and gave out one tweerking dance in church.The house of God is thought of as the place where God’ children go to worship but it seems like nowadays the daughters of Jezebel and the sons of Solomon are invading the holy grounds. This woman you are reading about during a song ministration thought she was in a night club maybe and practically twerked to the song “ I am an overcomer and I will never give up”.

Some mind blown members who could not believe what was going on took a video of it thinking maybe it was their eyes that were playing tricks on them. There were two men who were right behind this seductive woman shaking her butts. Even I, I must confess was seduced by this hot moves.Oh sorry, that was not the video😂😂. I could not post the video because I do not know how to do so. Yet still, you can visit the @Khojoturner on Instagram to watch it.

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