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Morning star: see the differences between Lucifer and satan in the Bible

Many religious folks including Islam and Christianity as well as other orthodox churches have totally misconstrued the ideologies and meanings behind Lucifer and satan the devil.

Whiles one was a very talented angel singer in heaven who was gifted with such a melodious voice to sing and please God almighty alongside with the heavenly choir the other one (Lucifer) was only used to represent the beautiful morning star that falls and lands no where man has ever seen( asteroid or falling star).

To start with, Satan in the Bible who is also known as the devil is an invincible and invisible fallen angel who was thrown disown to earth along with his followers for rebelling against God and has been given temporary power over earth and has the intentions to entice, lure and gather as much souls as possible to burn with him in hell.

Lucifer on the other hand has been linked to various mythologies and religious who have linked the ideology of satan’s fall from the heaven to the earth to the discontinuous and unique movements of Venus to the sky thereby naming it after him.

Many religious scholars have translated the meaning of Lucifer as the morning star, the planet Venus or as an adjectival form as light-bringing relating it to the fall of satan and the falling stars we see in the skies early in the morning or at night.

If you have any other detailed explanation to the two names (satan and Lucifer) don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment box below and please share this article to your friends and family thanks for reading.

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