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Satan was my friend – Confession of a former Occultists now in Christ

A man has made some serious revelations on how he used to sacrifice over six hundred people for sacrifices in his so-called Society. As to how he was able to get all the 600 people for the sacrifices, he made he made reference to health workers all over the country who were also part of the group that he belonged to.

He also stated that his parent had a very influential position in the government and since the demise of his parents, he had lots of properties and money well so it is not because of fame or money for coming out to say all these things.

In giving out a hint of pastors who are into occultism or who were in his association, he made emphatic reference to pastors who use water for their activities, be it healing or miracles or whatsoever. He emphasized that any pastor who often stresses on the use of water is an occultic pastor in the realms of the spirit.

He then explained how he got into occultism by following the family tradition since most of his relatives were already into cultism for some generations now. He also threw more light on how he possessed over five hundred spirits and how they protected him in his endeavours.

He continued that in the realms of the spirit, he was not just a normal person since his position made him available to deal hand-in-hand with Satan himself in executing the desires and directions of their master, satan.

He pleaded that Jesus Christ must be taken seriously and be served with all our strength, with all our hearts, with all our soul and with all our minds. He further advised on how not serving the Lord in spirit and truth will not help us in any way but just open us up onto the devil. He has regretted for once been into an evil Society but currently he thanks the Lord for being saved from the Satanic agenda being meted to the world.

Let us repent indeed.

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