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Have You Seen Patience Ozokwo Of Late; She Has Been Really Blessed With Beauty

When a woman is blessed so much beyond measure it reflects in her beauty. That is why you will meet a woman in her fifties or sixties but she may be looking like a lady who has just turned 30 years. Most of these old ladies use a term "Small Small Ego Be" signifying that things in life come little by little. We only hope for the best to happen no matter the situation. Not forgetting the fact the world we find ourselves in now is full of surprises and shocking news is also important. We can come across a child who looks old and an old person who looks young. These things are all controlled by our God and also based on out genetic make up. Our bodies conform to the hormonal balances and imbalances as the Scientists will say. They might say that when one looks younger at older age it is not necessarily as a result of the grace they have but rather their hormones and physiological make up.

Those of us who have our culture in mind believe that God's grace helps us to stay fresh and strong even at our old age. This might help us to appreciate all that we have.

I believe that it might have been a while since you have seen some pictures of Patience Ozokwo. This woman is a well-known Nigerian actress who has made a good name for herself in the industry over the years. Madam Patience was really feared by many since they thought that the role she usually played in the movies is what she actually does in real life. She has been blessed so much and to the extent that she looks younger even in her old age. She is now 63 years old and her pictures will wow you because you might think that she looks younger.

Below are some of her current pics;

Patience together with her granddaughter

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