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'Hot news' - "Agradaa" raids Obinim's church

A new information allegedly reaching the media is that, "Agradaa" has raided one of the branches of the general overseer of the Internation Gospel Way Church, Obinim. This is not the first time this incudent has happened around these zones as many locals there allegedly esplained the whole issue to the media.

From some of the locals who explained the event, it was alleged that, the rain fell very heavily causing a lot of thunder to rumble accompanied by strong winds. They allegedly aid that, the chairs that got broken was as a result of the massive impact the strong winds had on the canopies and chairs at the overflow which caused this to happen.

Not a lot of damages were caused as the even took place. Some people have reacted and are hoping that nothing bad escalates. We for the safety of every one. Stay save, covid is real.

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