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Peom: The world needs peace than ever before

The world is crying and bleeding, for the killings of mother's, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends.

The innocent ; children and women are the most afflicted.

Sadly,this seems unending but rather escalating day in and day out.

They die for no course of theirs.

The time is now, peace loving hearts, peace loving people.

Come out, let's put together our strength and thoughts to stage a ceaseless war to the attainment of Peace.

 long lasting peace that is free from fear.

The means to peace is not violence.

The means to peace is not self destruction.

Yes,I have discovered a path.

A path that will lead us to this peace we all yearn for.

This path is called love!

That love where the golden rule' is a pivot.

Yes, in this love, peace is attained.

With love,we can smile to one another and that,we are one and ever shall we live as one people.

If we kill and fight one another,what is there to gain,riches or power?

PEACE is the answer, regardless your color,tribe, religion, bigotry, PEACE is the antedote.

PEACE lovers, advance peace, knowing that the day will soon end and is up to you to make it stick!

Negotiate and not violence.

Open the doors for peace then the world will live in your hearts.

Memories or past injustices should not divide us from the more pressing business at hand.

We must live in peace with our former colonizers and neighbors.

Free your hearts and minds from bitterness, vengeance and retaliation.

When we allow peace to flow around the world,then our hate will go and peace will flow.

Remember, PEACE is not some disgusting form of intercourse with all and sundry.

It's a serious business especially in these troubling times.

Peace is a matter of strong government and leadership if any.

The peaceful settlement of all disputes without resorting to force is what we are proposing.

Let us act as befits the dignity which we claim for ourselves.

May a total peace prevail in the world.

Let us all see peace and not war.

Let all our statesmen do their work diligently,and peace would be our harvest_

God bless the world.

God bless Africa.

God bless Ghana and He restores the cry of the afflicted.

Written by : Angaaba ATESIUK Peter

Content created and supplied by: NewsHawkersGH (via Opera News )


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