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Why the Banning of Muslim Prayers and Worship in Schools is a Path of Religious tension in Ghana

The recent ban on Muslim worship and prayers in some Senior High Schools, especially at the Wesley Girls Senior High school where all Muslims have been barred from worshipping on campus. Not just that, the school has also asked that the students not bring in their holy book which is the Quran to read while still on campus.

This is beginning to define Ghana as a Christian country even though the 1992 Constitution gives room for all forms of worship and prayers in Ghana. 

In as much as we have missionary schools, geared towards a particular religion, the freedom of worship should still be respected by all.

Even though the war started many years ago, where Muslims are not allowed to wear their Hijab on school premises, now the war is being intensified to take their prayers and worship after taking their hijab from them.

1992 Constitution gives everyone the freedom of worship and religion. All schools are under the Constitution, therefore their rules and regulations should take root and reflect the spirit of the 1992 Constitution.

Whether you are a missionary school or ‘Yenko Koaa’ school, you can't set your rules and regulations contrary to the mother Constitution in any country.

Ghana is neither a Christian nor a Muslim country per the 1992 Constitution, that's why the Constitution gives everyone the freedom of worship.

This should be respected by both Christians and Muslims. Christians shouldn't do things to give Muslims the opportunity to fight back. Let's all respect each other and allow for peaceful coexistence.

If Christians think they are more than Muslims and therefore have more power in the country, then they should advocate for an amendment of the 1992 Constitution to give them more preference and power, but until then, freedom of worship and religion should be respected at all corners in Ghana.

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