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Why you should put a coin under a Taameawu plant when plucking it

A lot of people still doubt the power of a Taameawu plant because they don't see results any time they use the plant in any said direction or for any spiritual solutions,if you are part of such people I just want to ask you a simple question which is: do you do the necessary spiritual direction when pluck the Taameawu plant leaves? If no, then I am here to teach you what to do when plucking it and the spiritual importance of it.

Coin is on of the tool use in the spiritual realm to destroy people and also gain power. You all will agreed with me that coins are only the kind of money use in the spiritual realm to trade not a paper note. The representation of a coin in the spiritual realm represents "power and glory",so in the spiritual realm if someone takes away your coin it means the person has taken away your glory as well as your power. Fifty peswas in the spiritual realm represents billions of Ghana cedis,that is the main reason why you always here demons and other spiritual beings saying I bought him or her one peswa,this one peswa means a lot in the spiritual realm.


As it has already been discussed in my previous article, this plant was very powerful to the extent that it can even destroy anyone who has bad intentions for you been it your mother,father,sister, brother,wife, husband ect.

Importance of placing a coin under a Taameawu plant.

*Is a form of appreciation to the smaller god in the plant

*To speed up the activities of the plant in the spiritual realm

*To restore your lost power and glory

*Help to maintain your partner in a relationship or bring back your partner even if he or she has left when other directions are added

*Draws money closer to you

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